Version 14.9.x New Features, Updates, and Enhancements (Nov 2022)

Version 14.9 of FileWave brings a lot of new features...some in the native admin, and many others in our Web Administrator Console.  We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did building it! Downloads are available here: Downloads

For anyone upgrading from < 14.8, there are 3 essential elements to be aware of before upgrading:

  1. Longer than normal upgrade times (read more)
  2. New ports for notifications have been added and you may need to add new firewall rules (read more)
  3. This version of FileWave completes the migration to TeamViewer and "Observe Client" is now fully removed

Additionally for ALL versions, there are three deprecation notices in version 14.9, which you will find within the "Features and Updates in this Release" section.  And, one last note: for anyone that uses a Custom Global Default Policy for Android EMM devices, you'll want to read the following document BEFORE upgrade. 

FileWave Management Suite