Want to open Web Clip URL links with Google Chrome instead of Safari with iOS/iPadOS devices? Now you can!

Unfortunately, Apple does not have a Profile payload to remotely change the default web browser on iOS/iPadOS devices. However, you may configure the Web Clip payload to open links with Google Chrome.


FileWave administrators may create and configure the Profile payload Web Clip with URL links to open with Google Chrome. It is easy as entering a prefix before your URL link.


Please note that Google Chrome web browser needs to be installed successfully on the iOS/iPadOS devices for the Web Clip payload to re-direct the URL links.

Which URL link is preferred, http or https ? Be sure to test the URL link before mass deployment.

Entering the URL link default will open with Safari:

Adding the prefix below will redirect the URL link to open with the Google Chrome web browser:

Below is an example screenshot of a Web Clip payload to open with the Google Chrome web browser.