Version 14.8 of FileWave brings a lot of new features...some in the native admin, and many others in our Web Administrator Console.  We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did building it! You can download it here: Downloads

There are 3 essential elements to be aware of prior to upgrading:

  1. FileWave 14.8.0 upgrade will perform important database maintenance operations. Depending on the size of your FileWave setup and your server performance, running these operations may take significantly longer than a normal upgrade.  On the largest of databases, the migration may take up to several hours, so you should plan your upgrade for a suitable maintenance window. Once started, It is essential to let the upgrade process complete, therefore make sure you properly schedule the migration as your server will be offline during the upgrade.

  2. FileWave is in the process of replacing ZeroMQ with NATS.  The first steps of this transition involve important port changes.  Please make sure that you review the network port rules from the Default TCP and UDP Port Usage article.
  3. This version of FileWave completes the migration to TeamViewer and "Observe Client" is now fully removed

FileWave Management Suite