macOS MDM Software Updates pre Big Sur


As of Big Sur, Apple have moved to MDM as the centrally managed method for distributing Software Updates. However, any device running macOS versions from 10.12 to 10.15 can benefit from MDM Software Updates, if configured to do so.


The FileWave Client Preferences may be set for MDM Software Updates. Once configured, the client will no longer utilise the Apple Software Update Catalogues pulled from Apple. However, the client may be reverted back to the Apple Catalogues, if desired, by reversing this process.


The following client Key/Value pair determines the method of Software Update management for the client:

  • Key Name: softwareUpdateMacForceViaMDM

  • Value: Type Boolean – 1(True) 0(False)

A Superpref Fileset can be used to configure clients, an example plist file is provided below: