IVS Migrations Options (centOS 6 to centOS 7)

CentOS 6 that is now end of life. Starting with IVS 14.2.0, the imaging appliance is based on CentOS 7, which makes upgrade from a previous IVS a challenge.

There are two possible approaches:

Simple upgrade (Recommended)

The easiest way to upgrade is to remove the old IVS from FileWave, recreate one with the new appliance and enroll it again. There are items to be aware of with this approach, but it is the simplest solution overall.  Things to be aware of:

  • A new IVS needs to download all the existing images from the server (network traffic & time)
  • Creating a new IVS requires some manual configuration (network settings & FW server config)

Importing data from the existing IVS

Note that this only works if you spin up a 14.2.2 IVS VM! If you download a higher version IVS VM you'll need to use the Simple Upgrade option. If you plan to use this method spin up a 14.2.2 IVS, use the script below and then run the upgrade command below to upgrade to the highest version

$ yum update -y filewave-IVS

The second approach is to create an IVS with the new version, and before enrolling it, importing existing images and network configuration from the existing IVS.  This reduces initial network traffic (WAN) demands and the configuration steps from above, but does require a special tool be run:

To help with this, IVS 14.2.x provides a script that copies images and network configuration (including the static IP) along with the client certificate from another IVS to the current (new) IVS.  This tool is primarily meant for this one-time migration to a new IVS on the same network (and the "new" IVS replaces the "old").  The procedure follows:

  1. Have an existing IVS < 14.2.0 enrolled in FileWave with some images
  2. Download the IVS 14.2.0 appliance and start it
  3. Go to the directory /imaging/scripts/bin and run the script ./transfer.sh like described below (use ./transfer.sh help to show how to use it):

    usage: transfer.sh [mode] [ip] [optional-user] [optional-password]
    Transfer data and setting from old IVS
      all         Transfers all settings and data from the old IVS to the new. Static network settings included.
      images      Transfers only the images.
      user:       root
      password:   filewave
      transfer.sh all
      transfer.sh data user password
  4. If everything was successfully transferred, the old IVS is automatically shut down in order to avoid any IP address conflict.
  5. The new IVS should work now, and replace the old one. You should not need to remove the old one from FileWave and to enroll the new one, as the transfer.sh script already copied the IP configuration and the certificate files.