Deferring Software Update

Restriction profiles allow to configure your devices to defer software updates up to 90 days on Apple devices.

These profiles are available for iOS, macOS and tvOS and allow you to prevent your users from upgrading their devices to a new Operating System until you are ready.

You can follow these steps to deploy this profile:

  1. Go to Filesets
  2. Select New Desktop Fileset or New Mobile Fileset
  3. Select Profile
  4. Select Restrictions for your dedicated platform
  5. Enable Defer software update and define a number of days to hide updates from the end user


Upgrading macOS depends on the macOS version; the following KB artlcle details how to block the installer to prevent end-user from upgrading the OS directly.

On recent macOS versions, the restriction may not apply to major updates like OS updates. Major OS updates can be hidden using the --ignore option of softwareupdate command line tool. For instance, Catalina upgrade can be made hidden by running:

softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Catalina"
to restore hidden updates, run the following command
softwareupdate --reset-ignored
These commands can be sent to your devices using scripts within filesets.