Acrobat Reader DC (Windows)


Customize and deploy Adobe Reader DC to your Windows machines without the need for user input during the installation.



  1. Create the folder "C:\AdobeReader\" on your Windows machine.
  2. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distribution .exe and move to "C:\AdobeReader\"
  3. Extract the contents of the .exe using the following command via Windows Command Prompt:

    Command Prompt
    C:\AdobeReader\AcroRdrDC2000920063_en_US.exe -sfx_o"C:\AdobeReader\ReaderMSI" -sfx_ne​​

    File Name

    The filename "AcroRdrDC2000920063_en_US.exe" will differ when a new Adobe Reader version is released. Please update the filename in the above command accordingly.

  4. Download and install the latest version the Acrobat Customization Wizard.

    Direct Download

    At the time of KB creation, the latest version of the Acrobat Customization Wizard is CustWiz1900820071_en_US_DC.exe (direct download).

    FTP Download

    The download link "Windows download (both tracks)" is a FTP download link and should open without any additional software in Internet Explorer, otherwise a FTP Client such as WinSCP may be required.

  5. Open Acrobat Customization Wizard DC and go to "File>Open Package" and navigate to "C:\AdobeReader\ReaderMSI\AcroRead.msi" and Open.

  6. Begin to customize each option based on your deployment preferences.

    Common Options
    1. Personalization options

      1. Suppress display of End User License Agreement (EULA): Checked

    2. Installation options

      1. Default viewer for PDF files: Make Reader the default PDF viewer
      2. Run Installation: Silently (no interface)

      3. If reboot required at the end of installation: Suppress reboot

    3. Online Services and Features

      1. Load trusted root certificates from Adobe: Enable & Install silently

      2. Disable upsell: Checked

  7. Save changes within Acrobat Customization Wizard DC via "File>Save Package".
  8. Create a new Fileset via "FileWave Admin>Filesets>New Desktop Fileset>Empty" and "Import" the "C:\AdobeReader\ReaderMSI\" directory into the Fileset Contents.

    Fileset directory

    Please note that you can import the files into any existing directory or create a new directory within the Fileset Contents.

  9. Select "setup.exe", click "Get Info", navigate to "Executable", and check "Execute once when activated" and "Wait for executable to finish: Infinite". 
  10. You can now associate and deploy your new Adobe Reader DC Fileset!