Add Network Search Domains using a script


  • FileWave Admin
  • FileWave Clients (Mac only)


Using the linked template Fileset you can add network search domain/s to your Mac clients. You can also use it to clear all search domains.


  1. Download the template Fileset (See 'Attachements' at bottom)
  2. Unzip and upload to FileWave Admin (drag & drop)
  3. Double click on the Fileset to open
  4. Browse to '/usr/local/etc'
  5. Get info on '' and add the proper arguments:
    • The First argument is the networkservice for example "Wi-Fi"
    • Second argument:
      can be "clear" to clear all search domains
      or add1 to add one domain or add2 to add two domains
    • Note: add1 and add2 will clear any existing domains.
    • see screenshots.

To find possible values for argument one you can run the below command on a Client machine to list network services available. 

networksetup -listallnetworkservices