Adobe AIR (macOS)


Need to deploy Adobe Air onto your macOS machines? Here is what you need to know to make that fileset


  • Adobe Air installer

  • FileWave Admin


  1. Download the most recent Adobe AIR Installer from
  2. Import the attached fileset adobeair-installer.fileset (1).zip into FileWave Admin and open it. This fileset contains a script that calls the Adobe AIR Installer as referenced in the AAMEE Guide using the command below.
    Starting the installation this way enables it to succeed even if no user is logged on at the target system.

    launchctl bsexec `ps auwwx | grep [l]oginwindow | awk '{ print $2}'` /private/tmp/Adobe AIR AIR Installer -silent

    For 10.11 and later use:

    launchctl asuser `ps axl | grep [l]oginwindow | awk '{print $1}'` /private/tmp/Adobe\ AIR\\ AIR\ Installer -silent

  3. Import the "Adobe AIR Installer" from the AdobeAIR.dmg into the /private/tmp folder
  4. Adjust the "Adobe AIR" verification settings to "Ignore at verify" using the "apply to enclosed" button as depicted below
  5. Close the fileset and associate it to a test client