Adobe Shockwave Player (macOS)


To create a Shockwave Fileset, there is no need for Fileset Magic. Instead, drag&drop to an empty Fileset will do it.

Last tested with Shockwave version - works as directed below.


  • FileWave Admin

  • Shockwave Player Installer


  1. Download the blank Shockwave Fileset attached with this document and import it to your FW Admin (Note: this Fileset already has the Folders used by Flash added for you)

  2. Install Shockwave Player on the same machine as FW Admin. (We are going to use drag&drop from Finder to Admin)

  3. Open your Fileset (double click), it will look like this: 

  4. Open your Finder and drag&drop the following folders/files to their respective paths in the Fileset :
    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Shockwave 12
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/DirectorShockwave.plugin

  5. Delete the placeholder files "deleteMe" in the Fileset and the Fileset will look like this:

  6. Your Fileset is ready.