Remove from System


The "Remove from System" command is what you might remember from the native FileWave admin as "Delete", and it has the same consequences.  But, in the native admin Delete was the same for the original object and the copies, even though the result was different.  The WebAdmin has split this into two commands to help clarify.


The "Remove from System" command entirely (and destructively) removes a device and all of its copies from the system.  Any payloads through deployments will be lost, and all inventory from this object will be removed from the system.  In the case of an MDM enrolled device, the deletion acts as an unenroll and can not be reversed.  For client devices, they will check in again as long as a client remains installed, but have to be onboarded again.

Note; Remove from System is a destructive command, and should only be done when you are certain.


To perform this action, choose "Remove from System" from the Device action menu (...)