Editing Payloads/Payload Properties


We can edit profile payloads in the WebAdmin, change payload properties for all other payload types and do some basic reporting in the Payload view.


Editing a profile is straightforward, but we can do more than that in the payload view.  We can also change payload properties of any payload, and report on distribution (which is especially useful).


Clicking on any payload will bring up a detail payload view:

This view will differ a little depending on the type of payload.  See below that a VPP payload shows licensing info that you won't see on other fileset types:


You'll note that in payload properties there is no "Save" button.  All changes made to payload properties (like platform requirements) are immediately saved, and will become effective on next model update.

Payload TabExample

The Payload Info Tab shows:

  • Summary information on deployment
  • Verification Settings
  • Kiosk Icon
  • Reboot flag

The Devis Tab shows the devices that have this payload assigned, and their current status.

The Platform Requirements tab is where we specify on which platform the payload is provided.
The Dependencies tab is where we specify relationships between payloads for simpler deployment.

For VPP payloads only you'll see a tab that shows licensing details

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