13.2 FileWave Client Rename Behavior Change

To avoid client communication issues when a computer client's name is changed in the FileWave Admin, we are introducing some new behavior:

Renaming a desktop client in the admin console will now change the Client Name inventory field to match the new name entered and also change the client name "sync" setting in the client's preferences. This ensures that the device is able to connect properly with FileWave instance without duplicated entries.  (The Device Name inventory filed is not modified)

So, when a client is renamed, the "Sync Computer Name" settings is turned off:

Further details:

Behavior (Prior to 13.2)

  • iOS - If you rename an iOS 9.3+ Supervised device in the admin, we send a rename command to the device. No disruption to communication
  • macOS / Windows
    • If Sync Name is checked - Client name is new name, Device name is old name. Disruption to communication; Client is still checking in with the old name, and will appear as a new device.
    • if Sync Name is NOT checked - Client name is new name, Device name is old name. No disruption to communication, but there is a discrepancy between names.
  • Android / Chromebook - Names in admin are for reference only, and has no effect on communications.