13.2 New/Updated Configuration Profiles

As with most new OS releases from Apple, there are a number of new profile options available and supported by FileWave 13.2+

macOS 10.15 Profile Changes

  • Certificate: Now specifies whether the PKCS12 certificate should be tagged as “extractable” in the Keychain:

  • Content Caching: Three new values can now be used—allow the cache to be deleted, show alerts when a defined action is or has occurred, and prevent the Mac from sleeping if the caching service is turned on:


  • Dock: Sets the window’s title bar double-click setting. The options are: set the open documents window tab to manual, always, or full screen only; show recent apps, minimize, maximize, or none:


  • Privacy Preferences Policy Control: Set which approved apps have access to the following: the Downloads folder, event lists, file providers, input devices (mouse, keyboard, trackpad), media library, network volumes, removable volumes, screen capture, and speech recognition:


  • System Preferences: Classroom can be removed from Preferences:


  • Handoff, Dictation and Definition Lookup can be restricted:

iOS 13 and iPadOS Profile Changes

  • Single App Mode: Voice Control has been added to the list of features that can be configured in Single App Mode:

  • Exchange ActiveSync: EAS now specifies which services (Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Notes, Reminders) are enabled for an account:



Disable Quickpath keyboard:

Disable Find My Devices in Find My  Disable Find My Friends in Find My

Force Wi-Fi power-on

tvOS 13 Profile Changes

  • Restrictions:
    • Disable device sleep:

macOS, iOS 13, iPad OS Profile Changes

macOS, iOS 13, tvOS 13, iPad OS Profile Changes

  • Network/Wi-Fi: Added WPA3 support: