How do I use pnputil.exe to automate Windows driver installs via FileWave?

Pnputil.exe is a command line utility that you can use to manage the Windows driver store. You can use Pnputil to add, remove, and list driver packages that are in the store. 

Using FileWave, you can create a fileset that includes a .bat script that calls the pnputil.exe to complete a driver install remotely.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Collect all of your driver files (.inf, .cab, .cat, .sys) as per your manufacturer download.
  2. Create a .bat file to perform the install and call the pnputil.exe, referencing your driver .INF. The sample below is referencing "CNLB0UA64.INF", a canon driver file.

    Batch file
    # log current time
    echo %time% >> canoninstall.log
    # log session user (SYSTEM when executed by FileWave client)
    echo %username% >> canoninstall.log
    # log current directory
    echo %~dp0 >> canoninstall.log
    # log pnputil install result
    %windir%\sysnative\pnputil.exe /i /a %~dp0\CNLB0UA64.INF >> canoninstall.log
    # log current time
    echo %time% >> canoninstall.log
    exit /b %errorlevel%
    # change to current directory
    cd "%~dp0"
  3. Create a new desktop fileset by going to Filesets > New Desktop Fileset > App/Folder. Add your driver files and .bat file to the same folder.

  4. Double-click your .bat file to edit its properties. In the Executable tab enable the Execute once when activated checkbox and click the Apply button.

  5. Test thoroughly on a cross section of representative devices to verify that the hardware device the the driver supports now works correctly.


Additional information on the pnputil.exe can be found at