Creating a Smart Group/


Smart groups are the brains, and most of the power, behind FileWave.  In a nutshell smart groups are like regular groups, except devices end up in them automatically based on the criteria you specify.  Smart groups are essential in automating your workflows, and hence, reducing your work load.


We are going to use smart groups just about every time that we can define a rule in our heads for them: 

  • Deploy an MSI to all Windows devices in the Accounting group
  • Deploy a VPP app to all third grade group
  • Deploy a PKG to all macOS group
  • Deploy Photoshop to the random ten people throughout the environment that need it...probably not a smart group


There are multiple levels of complexity when creating smart groups (and reports), but we'll start simply.  Watch below as we define a a smart group that will contain all Windows devices.  Also, please check out all of the additional related content to go deeper into building complex smart groups!