Import File/


This window will allow us to import a large amount of data from a CSV source.


We'll use this method whenever we have a large number of new device placeholders to enter or whenever we want to update fields for existing devices. 

  • For instance, we may have a spreadsheet from a hardware vendor sharing details of 100 new laptops we'll be receiving next week which includes Mac Addresses and Asset Tag information.  With placeholders imported for these new devices, we could image them immediately out of the box.
  • Alternatively, we may already have the devices enrolled in FileWave, but perhaps our property management folks have given us a spreadsheet that has serial numbers and associated physical asset tag information.  We could use this tool to import that asset tag information into FileWave for quick reference.


To import a file, we will:

  1. Create a CSV/TXT with a header row, followed by a row for each device

    Example CSV
    "Serial Number","OS Type","Device Name",comment,location,asset_tag
    C02WP0hgHTDF,macOS,"HR-John-MBP","John's laptop","north site","123456"
    ABC456123DEF,iOS,"ThatsABeautClark ","no comment","Normal, IL","651241"
    215487958754,Windows,"PR-Sal-1258","that other device","south site","654321"

    The data can be in pretty much any order, but it must include at minimum a device name, and an OS Type.

  2. Browse for the file with the Browse Button ()
  3. Preview your upload and continue to the Map Fields