Selected Devices/


These are devices pending enrollment. They can be devices checking-in with a client already installed or from a service such as Apple DEP/ Android EMM

Shows a list of pending devices that are either clients checking-in or devices in your pending DEP/EMM list.


You will select devices from the list for import whenever you are ready for them to be a part of the managed environment.

You do not have to import all devices that show in this list (you can pick and choose individuals).


Once you have started the Adding Devices process, Select Devices is the first tab showing what can be added.

  1. From the Pending Requests section you can select devices or DEP/EMM placeholders for import
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of each device you wish to include
  3. Press the Move to Selected Devices button
  4. (Observe) that device moves to the lower list
  5. (Optional) Add Placeholder/ devices
  6. Select "Next" to move onto Actions/