Upload Devices and/or Data


Mass import devices/data from a CSV

The upload option () allows en masse import of devices and/or field data, and allows you to specify additional import actions.


You would use this option any time you need to create a lot of placeholders at once or if you need to update data fields for a large number of devices.  For instance, if my asset management system had given me data in a csv linking device serial number to a physical asset tag number, then I might use this tool to upload that asset tag information into FileWave.


  1. From the View - Devices 

  2. Press the upload icon (


  3. This takes you to the Import File tool

  4. Select your txt/csv file and move to Map Fields

  5. In Map Fields, match the fields you want to import to FileWave fields

  6. In Actions, define other options

Digging Deeper


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