13.2 Google Android/Chrome New Features

Smart Groups for Android EMM devices

  • Smart Groups now Function for Android Devices


  • AutoAdd during Enrollment now functions for Android Devices

New Option to disable Safe Boot

  • Disables the end user's ability to safe boot the device (prevents the device being reset to remove management)

Network Escape Hatch

  • Allows the ability to join a wifi network if there is 
    • a mis-configuration that both won't allow a connection (like a bad password for instance in a policy) 
    • and an applied policy that prevents adding other wifi connections 

Lockdown options for Single Use Devices (Kiosk) . (Including Single App Mode)

  • New profile options for "Kiosk" style devices, including Single App Mode

Enable Factory Reset Protection

  • Allows an admin to set an email that must be used to authenticate a wiped device before it can be configured

Client Info Changes

  • Added a new tab in Client Info for EMM devices to show applied device policy, as shown below:

Moving Chrome devices to an OU

  • You can now drag and drop Chrome devices in FileWave from one OU to another. Requires a model update to send changes to Google