Device Detail View -- Device Info


The Device Info tab of the Device Detail view allows you to see the most pertinent inventory details about any particular device.  In this view, you will see an overall deployment status, you can see how much memory a device has all the way to how many, and what type of Network cards are installed.  The Device Info tab is addressable here: https://my.server.address/devices/<fw_device_id>/info


We'll use this view whenever we want to see device specific information.  We could create a report to do the same thing of course, but this view is much simpler and quicker.


The Device Info tab is the default tab when you click on a particular device in the Devices view.  You'll see some of the most used summary information at the top of the view:

With detailed tables below broken out into data categories.  Here we are looking at network details for a Windows device:

The sub-tables in this view do have their own filter.  Filtering for search terms will highlight the content in the view: