FileWave 13.1 Articles

Welcome to the FileWave 13.1 KB changes landing page!  Here you will find all the new and updated manual and KB content related to FileWave version 13.1.

NEW Articles

How the client communicatesHow the FileWave Client Communicates
What is Compatibly ModeWhat is Compatibility Mode?
Automatically Assign DEP profilesAutomatically Assign DEP profiles
DEP NamingDEP Naming
Locking DevicesLocking Devices
Analytics ReportingFileWave Server Analytics Reporting
EMM Quick Start guideQuickstart Guide for Android EMM
Import Export Custom fieldsImporting and Exporting Custom Field Files
Deploying Google Play to DevicesDeploying Google Play Apps
Google Play WebclipsDeploying Google Play Web Apps
EMM Android PoliciesAndroid EMM Policies and Permissions
EMM Android errorsPlay Store errors

UPDATED Articles

Parameterized ProfileUsing variables in iOS/macOS Profiles
  • Added reference to "internal name" is now in bottom left of query window
Upgrading your FileWave ServerUpgrading your FileWave Server
  • Updated on locking (see Locking Devices) to include iOS
  • Added Clients needing approval
  • Added Booster needing approval
 Booster installationBooster installation
  • Update UI screenshots
  • Added info on certificates and approval
Booster Monitor and configuration settingsBooster Monitor and configuration settings
  • Update UI prefs pictures
  • Add certificate info and approval
  • New booster card status of "Requires Attention" and "outdated" alert info
4.3. Enrolling Computer Clients4.3. Enrolling Computer Clients
  • Update UI screenshots
  • Added status column info
Wipe and Install macOS 10.13.4+Wipe and Install macOS 10.13.4+ (Intel)
  • Remote wipe info needs to note that cert are revoked on wipe
4.8. Working with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)4.8. Working with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
2.11. LDAP preferences2.11. LDAP preferences
  • Added information on Remove items interval
4.7. Importing Computer Clients from a File4.7. Importing Computer Clients from a File
8.9. Custom Fields8.9. Custom Fields
  • Added info about import / export
  • Added reference %custom_field.<NAME>% prefix

macOS 10.14+ Transparency Consent and Control (TCC)

a.k.a. Privacy Preferences Policy Control

Force Client Observe with Privacy Settings
  • Updated Security and Privacy Payload
    • New Image
    • New Attachment
TCP portsDefault TCP and UDP Port Usage
  • Added Android EMM Topology
  • Updated all topologies to include logstash

11.1. Classroom – Feature Overview

11.3. Classroom – SIS Data

11.6. Classroom – Different Deployment Scenarios

11.7. Classroom – What we don’t support

Updated to for macOS support