Whiteboxing the Chromebook Extension

Starting from FileWave v12.7, it's possible to customize the user-visible information for the FileWave Inventory Extension

It's possible to customize icons, name and description

Customer data

If you would like a "whiteboxed" version of the extension you have to:

  1. Download chromebook-whiteboxing.zip and modify the data inside (adding a new icon, description, etc.)
  2. Create a support Ticket titled "Chromebook Custom Extension" and attach your new modified Zip File
  3. Wait till we send back your "whiteboxed" extension then continue to the "How to publish" section below

The ZIP file contains:

  • icon_<size>.png (so far we have 19, 38, 128 as size)
  • data.json



How to publish 

How to publish a "whiteboxed" version of the extensions

Once you get the "whiteboxed" version of your extension, you have to follow some steps to make it available to your organization.

  1. Login/Create an account to Google Developer Dashboard
  2. Click on the "Add New Item" button

  3. Upload the ZIP file

  4. Edit/add Additional Info

  5. Publish the extension