Device Detail View -- Command History


The Command History tab is only shown for devices that are Apple MDM enrolled.  This tab shows the recent history of MDM commands that have been sent to this device.  Command History is reached at https://my.server.address/devices/<fw_device_id>/commands


This view is used very heavily whenever troubleshooting anything related to an Apple MDM device.  For instance, if a device seems to not be getting a profile installed correctly, one might go to the Command History view to see the status of the latest Install Profile command.


Simply click on the Command History tab to see the latest info:

Note that the default view is ordered showing most recent commands at the top.  We hope to see "Acknowledged" as the state for any good command, but sometimes you might see errors as well, and this view gives good detail on what the issue may be as you can see below:

The Command History view has a special filter in the top-right of the view to filter by command states.