Whiteboxing the Android Client

Starting with FileWave 12.7, you can now whitebox the native android client.

To customize the android client package:

  1. Download android-whiteboxing.zip, which contains:
  • in src/main/res/values you'll currently find 2 files (strings.xml and strings_activity_settings.xml). Modify the entries in there to change some string that is displayed on screen. For instance you can have:

    <string name="app_name">FileWave Client</string>
    ....changed into....
    <string name="app_name">My super duper customer Client</string>

    Make sure you never remove any XML tag or rename them. Only the values (called xml characters) would be changed.
    Note that this could be used to translate the FileWave Android client UI.

  • in src/main/res/drawable* you'll find the icons that are used in the different resolution that the android client currently supports. 
    • Particular icons




      logo.png"corporate" logo within the client applicationsrc/main/res/drawable
      ic_launcher.pnghome screen iconsrc/main/res/drawable* (exists in more than 1 resolution)

You can modify the contents so that it is integrated into FileWave's build process.

Once you've modified the contents of that zip file, create a support ticket titled "Android Custom Client" stating you are wanted the Custom Client for Android and the modified Zip file attached to the ticket. It will then be created for you and attached back to the ticket.

Icon resolution

When it comes to resolution, Android's guidelines point to density (https://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html).

Example, if you want your icon to be 48x48, here is what should be provided:

Folder nameNameResolutionRatio
drawable-mdpimedium density48x481
drawable-hdpihigh density72x72


drawable-xhdpiextra high density96x962
drawable-xxhdpiextra extra high density144x1443