Silverlight (macOS)


Deploying Microsoft Silverlight to macOS clients with FileWave


  • FW Admin
  • Silverlight Installer


  1. Download the Silverlight Installer from and mount the .dmg file
  2. Import the into FileWave Admin and double-click it
  3. Open the /private/var Directory in the Fileset, and drag&drop "Silverlight.pkg" from the downloaded dmg as indicated. 

    The name of the Silverlight pkg you bring into the Fileset must match and be named "Silverlight.pkg". If it is named anything different the script will not work.

    You are now ready to deploy your Silverlight Fileset to a test client. To test if Silverlight was installed correctly, you can use the following address :
    Please note that Silverlight DRM generally does NOT work in Virtual Machines !