Silverlight (Windows)


Deploying Silverlight to Windows Clients ( Windows XP Service Pack 3 and newer )


  • FW Admin
  • Silverlight Installer .exe


  1. Download the Silverlight.exe from
  2. Create a new , empty desktop fileset , give it a name and open it by double-clicking it
  3. Locate a temporary folder that is invisible to the normal user ( like C:\Windows\temp ) by unchecking "Hide unused Folders" and import the Silverlight.exe by dragging & dropping it into the folder
  4. Click on the silverlight.exe inside the fileset ( Figure 1 #1) , and use the "Get Info" ( Figure 1 #2 ) Button to open the Info window
  5. Go to the "Executable" Tab and click "Execute once at activation ..." ( Figure 2 #1 ), and click on the "+" button on the top right of the list ( Figure 2 #2 ). 
    Now, add the "/q" "Launch argument" below ( Figure 2 #3 ). Repeat that procedure for the "/doNotRequireDRMPrompt" and the "/noupdate" Launch Arguments as well.
    Finally, confirm the changes by clicking "Apply" ( Figure 2 #4 ). 
  6. You're ready to deploy your fileset to a test client ! 

    If you'd like to test Silverlight on your test client, use the following URL:
    Please note that Silverlight DRM generally does NOT work in Virtual Machines !
  7. (Optional) Should you want to create an uninstaller FileSet for Silverlight, duplicate your fileset and go back to the "Executable" Tab of Silverlight.exe in the duplicate. Then, change the "/q" parameter to "/qu" , remove all other parameters, click "apply" and test it on a test client.


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