Install LightSpeed User Agent


This will install the LightSpeed User Agent on OS X Machines. This will result in two Filesets, you will want to make the second (the plist), a dependancy on the first (pkg installer)


  • FW Admin
  • LightSpeed User Agent website


  1. Download the most current User Agent pkg from the LightSpeed Website
  2. Run the pkg installer on a machine and enter your Rocket's information into the pop-up at the end of the installer.
  3. Browse to the useragent preferences file

  1. Make a PKG Fileset:

    1. Drag the .pkg into FileWave filesets view

    2. Or, select "New Desktop Fileset" > PKG > and then browse for the installer

  2. Make a plist fileset:
    1. Select "New Desktop Fileset" > Empty 
    2. And then drag the plist ( com.lightspeedsystems.useragent.plist ) to