Java (macOS)


This recipe shows you the steps you need to follow to make a Java Fileset for OSX 10.7.3 and up.


  • FW Admin
  • Java Update Install (PKG)

Tested last on 10.12 using Oracle Java Version 8 Update 121

If you do not need self-healing or the ability to remove Java from your clients, this recipe can be automated using Autopkgr



  1. Download the attached Java fileset template zip file.

  2. Unzip and add to FileWave Admin's Fileset window. Either by drag-and-drop or by selecting: New Desktop Fileset > Import > and selecting the unzipped template.

  3. Install Java on the same machine as FW Admin. (We are going to use drag&drop from Finder to Admin)

  4. Open your Fileset (double click), it will look like this: 

    Java Empty
  5. Open your Finder and drag&drop the following folders/files to their respective paths in the Fileset:

    /Library/Application Support/Oracle/Java/info.plist
    /Library/Application Support/Oracle/Java/javaws
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
  6. Delete the placeholder files "deleteMe" in the Fileset and the Fileset will look like this:

    Fileset After import
  7.  Your fileset is ready.

Send to a test machine and visit to verify proper installation of java.

Keep in mind Java is for 64bit browsers, and currently Google Chrome is a 32bit browser. Testing a successful install with chrome will fail. Please use Safari or FireFox.

If Using Fileset Magic for Java

If using Fileset Magic for Java

By default Fileset Magic is set to ignore all folders named "security" 

If this is ignored the location

/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/lib/security/

will be missed, and the the fileset will fail to deploy.

Be sure to remove it before doing a scan with FS Magic:

  1. At the "Select Scan Type" window (after selecting the drive to scan).

  2. Click "Expert Settings..."

  3. Highlight "security" under the folders list.

  4. click the minus (-) button, so that it will not be skipped.

Java security folder exception

Clicking the "Restore Defaults" button will add the security folder back. Please do this before your next scan with Fileset Magic.