Script to Update auth username and client name from CSV

Description is a script that will take a CSV file with device serial number, client names and auth usernames one device per line and update the FileWave databases.


  • FW 8.1 and up
  • CSV file from physical inventory (iPadNamesOwners.csv)


  1. Download the attached script below onto on your FileWave server:
  2. Provide a CSV file, named iPadNamesOwners.csv, in the same directory as the script with 3 columns. Column 1 being the device serial number, column 2 is the FileWave client name and column 3 should be the LDAP username of the owner of the device. Each column should be separated by a comma. You should place each device on a new line.

  3. Run the script with root privileges: 

    sudo ./
  4. Close FileWave Admin and re-open to see new FileWave client names updated.

Restart Server for Auth Username

For the new Auth Username to show in FileWave Admin, FileWave services will need to be restarted. Use the following command on the FileWave server to restart the services after the script is ran:

fwcontrol server restart

**This will cause all Administrators logged into FileWave Admin to be logged out. They can log back in after the services up again.