Office 2013


Need to deploy Microsoft Office onto your Windows machines? We've got you covered!


  • FW Admin
  • Office Install Media (disc or download)
  • A Text editor application


  1. Copy all source files from the Office Installation CD to a folder that you create on your disk
  2. Create a setup customization file (.msp):
    a. From your command prompt, cd to your office folder and start the Office Customization Tool by typing: "setup.exe /admin"
    b. Select "Create a new Setup customization..." and click OK
    c. In the Setup section, click "Install location and organization name"

    d. In the "Licensing and User interface" view, add your product key, accept the terms and set the display level to "None" for a silent install

    e. Depending on your customization, you can add more options to the other sections in step d. 
    f. From the file menu, save your ".msp" in the Updates folder at the root of your office folder
  3. From FileWave Admin, create a new empty fileset, then double click the fileset and uncheck "Hide Unused Folders"
  4. Drag and drop your office folder to a folder that you create inside the fileset contents - example: office2010
  5. In fileset contents, add a batch script file that has the lines, 

    %systemdrive%\office2010\setup.exe /adminfile %systemdrive%\office2010\Updates\office2010Installer.MSP

    Click "Get Info" button, make it executable by checking "Execute one when activated" in the executable tab.

  6. Your Fileset is ready, deploy it to a test machine first.


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