Version 14.6.x New Features, Updates, and Enhancements

Version 14.6 of FileWave brings a lot of new features...some in the native admin, and many others in our web administrator console.  We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did building it!

See below articles for specific features and changes:

Apple Fall Release

Support for macOS 12 Monterey, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS 15:

  • Support for macOS 12

  • Additional Inventory data reported by MDM DeviceInformation Command (IsAppleSilicon, DeviceId for Software Update)

  • App portal (for Kiosk) native application has been updated for iOS 15:

    • Minimum iOS supported version is now iOS 12.5

    • Retrieving geo-location is now processed in the background. On iOS 13 and later, the native portal uses the native background task to retrieve more frequently the position even if the application is not in foreground.

    • Preparation for Remote Session using Team Viewer.

DEP changes:

  • new Skip Key "Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch"

Profile changes:

  • Skip Unlock with Apple Watch and Skip Accessibility in macOS Login Window profile (Setup Assistant)

  • System Extensions have additional "Removable" option

  • New Restrictions:

    • On device only translation

    • Requires Managed Pasteboard

    • Allow iCloud Private Relay

    • Touch ID timeout before asking password

  • DNS Proxy profile is available on macOS 10.15+

  • TVRemote profile has new "Device Name" Field

  • A new command policy option has been added to configure Software Update Policy (Update for current Major version, previous Major version, both)

VPP new API support (Technical preview)

Apple introduced a new version of the VPP API ; FileWave 14.6.1 allows to use the new API as a technical preview (read more):

  • In 14.6.1, this will be an in-place replacement, no feature change

  • Future versions will benefit from the new API's additional features (better bulk license management, notifications based communication with Apple service)

MDM Software Update Improvements (read more):

  • MDM Command OSUpdateStatus is now used to report download progress

  • Both macOS and iOS updates are now deployed in two steps (one command to have the device downloading the update, one command to have the device installing the update) as this process is more reliable than requesting the device to handle the whole process automatically

Web Admin Updates

There are three main changes to the Web Admin Console in this release:

Native FileWave Admin Changes

Verify for Desktop devices can now be triggered from the native admin without direct network connection (within the Client Info window).

TeamViewer Integration (Technical Preview)

Version 14.6 introduces TeamViewer as the eventual replacement for Observe Client.  You can read much more about that integration here.

Imaging Mac Address

A new inventory field has been added to assist with Windows Imaging for devices with pass-through MAC addresses.  You can read about this change further here.

IDP Changes

Version 14.6 introduces the much-demanded Google as an IDP source.  Specific instructions for setting up that integration can be found here.  Additionally, you can now also setup easy smart groups using IDP group membership.  That topic is covered in this kb article.