MSI & PKG Payloads (WebAdmin)


The FileWave WebAdmin console, from version 14.5+, now supports the creation of computer payloads (filesets) for MSI & PKG distributions. 


MSI and PKG installers are the industry standards for Windows and macOS devices respectively.  The FileWave WebAdmin console now allows you to create these simple payloads directly from the web application.


We'll start by simply clicking the  icon in the Payloads view.  We'll give the new payload a name (in this case we'll create a payload for the native FW admin console for Windows), and then click on one of the Add File options as shown:

Once the file is selected, upload will begin right away:

There are two distinct advantages to creating payloads like this in the WebAdmin console:

  1. The file uploads WILL recover from a temporary network interruption
  2. You need not stay in this upload screen for the payload to continue uploading (meaning you can go to other places in the admin, or even start additional payload uploads concurrently)

Once the payload is uploaded, you can perform simple payload manipulation, like removing or replacing a file and setting installer properties:

The WebAdmin client payload tools do not have all capabilities currently in the native admin, so if you need script support in conjunction with a payload such as this, or want to use revisions, you'll still need to use the native admin at this time.  More to come on this front though!

Any edits made to payloads in the WebAdmin are immediately effective...meaning there is no "Save" button for modifications, so use appropriate caution when editing.