Add Placeholder/


A placeholder is a temporary item that represents a device you intend to enroll at a later date.


You can use placeholders for a device that you will be adding eventually.  Placeholders allow you to specify the connections from payloads to the device through deployments so that when a device is ultimately enrolled, it will immediately get all assigned content. 


  1. From the Selected Devices/ interface, press the "Add placeholder" button
  2. Enter text into the fields
    • Name (required)
    • Comment (optional)
    • Platform (required)
    • Serial / MAC (Serial number for Apple devices, MAC address for Windows devices)
  3. Press "Add Placeholder"

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Digging Deeper

  • Keep in mind that you can also create a clone by doing a Copy to Group thereby creating many instances of your original. These groups can also have associations/deployments on them. Use this to create a layered structure.