Manually Enrolling a Device Into FileWave Windows MDM


Windows MDM allows you to manually enroll a device based on appropriate AzureAD credentials.


Enrolling a device in this manner isn't would probably never use this method for a production rollout, but it is exceptionally handy to test your initial configuration to make sure you can enroll.  And, it doesn't have the AutoPilot complexity added. 


Manual Device Enrollment

At this point, the hard part of the setup of the link between FileWave and Azure is behind us, and we just simply have to enroll our devices. These steps are similar for both new (not previously enrolled in FileWave) and existing (via fwcld) FileWave clients.

Make sure your client can communicate with your server (you can ping server, correct ports are opened on firewall, etc.)

  1. Navigate to Settings → Accounts → Access work or school

  2. Click on Connect button

  3. In the opened dialog, click on the Join this device to Azure Active directory.

  4. From here, just enter your Azure credentials (as the user who wants to enroll their device) and follow the steps in the wizard until you're done.

  5. You can verify the details of the MDM enrollment by clicking on the new account and opening Info


If your device is newly enrolled, after a few minutes, you should be able to see the client show up as new on the FileWave Serve. Add it to your server.

Existing FileWave clients will not show up as a new client. They simply are updated to the new version.

You can verify if a device is truly MDM enrolled by checking the enrollment type in device info in Native Admin, as seen below: