FileWave 13.2 Articles

Welcome to the FileWave 13.2 KB changes landing page!  Here you will find all the new content related to FileWave version 13.2.

NEW Articles

Support for Catalina and the other new Apple OSes13.2 Adds New Apple OS Support
Bootstrap Token Management13.2 Bootstrap Token Management
New Configuration Profiles13.2 New/Updated Configuration Profiles
New DEP Changes13.2 DEP Changes
Client Rename Changes13.2 FileWave Client Rename Behavior Change
Uninstall Script Behavioral Change13.2 FileWave Pre-Uninstall and Post-Uninstall Script Changes
New FileWave Inventory Fields13.2 New Inventory Fields
Android/Chrome Updates13.2 Google Android/Chrome New Features
macOS Catalina Specific ChangesImportant FileWave-Related Changes to macOS Catalina (10.15)