MDM macOS Software Updates


As of Big Sur Software Update Management is purely through MDM enrolled devices of which Supervision is a requirement.

Devices running earlier versions of macOS may also be configured to use MDM software updates through FileWave, replacing the previous catalogue method.

Like VPP Apps and Books, MDM managed software updates cannot use Boosters for delivery.  However, Apple Caching may be used to prevent each device reaching out to Apple individually for update downloads.

Intro to Content Caching

What is Content Caching

Set up Content Caching


  • Fileset created from the following Superpref file for devices running macOS below Big Sur
↓ macOS 


  • Add the Superpref file to a new Fileset
  • Associate with devices and Update Model (Test as usual first)

FileWave automatically reconfigures the client with the settings within this file


Apple specify that devices must be Supervised to allow MDM Software Updates to be managed on devices.  On macOS Big Sur, User Approved MDM is equivalent to Supervision

Supervision of Apple Devices

Automated Device Enrolment

Supervision is configured where:

  • macOS running Big Sur are enrolled in MDM using either Automated Device Enrolment or Device Enrolment (OTA enrolment installed using System Preferences)
  • Pre macOS Big Sur devices that are UAMDM are upgraded to Big Sur will be converted to Supervised
  • All devices on macOS 10.14.4 or above are MDM enrolled via either Apple School or Apple Business Manager