WebAdmin API


As you may suspect, the FileWave WebAdmin functions by making API calls to the FileWave server.  We can also leverage this API to make calls for our own purposes.


Typically we will want to make calls to the API to get data from FileWave for some external system, or to do automation of some sort.


The documentation for this new API is available once you have authenticated to the WebAdmin...you simply go to https://my.server.name/api/doc to see the documentation as built by Swagger and OpenAPI (it is quite extensive).  Each action can be tested from the documentation directly as you'll see below, but be careful, some of the calls are destructive!

API calls are not something to be taken lightly, and you should make 100% sure that you understand your intended actions before taking them.

If wanting to call the API without a WebAdmin session active, your header would be in the form of "Authorization: base_64_token" rather than the X-CSRFToken shown in the examples.