Configuring Google Chromebooks to Sync with FileWave

Configuring Google Chromebooks to Sync with FileWave

The following processes and steps will walk you through getting your FileWave server set up to manage Chromebooks. Current functionality will allow you to pull/query inventory data and utilize our location tracking feature in FileWave. Some steps can be skipped if certain accounts and projects were made beforehand.

If you are unsure whether or not you are able to use Chromebooks with FileWave, please click to see the resources below.

  • List of countries where Chrome OS Management licenses are sold directly by Google to end customers:
    Go to , click 'contact sales', and then look at the drop-down menu 'Country' - if the country is in the list, it's supported.

  • Even if the country is not listed under the link above, a local google partner might be able to help :


Required Items

  • Google Domain

    • Admin rights within the Google Domain

    • At least one Chromebook

    • Chromebooks Enterprise enrolled

    • Pre-existing Google Organizational Unit structure (RECOMMENDED)

  • Running FileWave Server

  • Enough FileWave Chromebook licenses to cover every Chromebook in the Google OU

  • FileWave HTTPS Root Trusted Certificate

  • GCM Setup - Google Cloud Messaging (GCM/Firebase) Setup






Congratulations, you can now manage your Chromebooks with FileWave!


If for any reason you experience issues seeing your ChromeOS devices in FileWave or issues with reporting then see the notes in our Chrome Troubleshooting Guide