The following steps will help you get your FileWave server setup with Google Cloud Messaging which is required for Android and Chromebook support.

  1. Go to in your web browser
  2. Sign into your Google Account
  3. Accept the user agreement (if necessary)
  4. Select "Create a Project"

  5. Enter name for the project, select Parent Source and Agree to Terms – then click Create Project

  6. Choose to Enable or Disable Google Analytics for this project
  7. Once the project creation has completed, select Continue
  8. Hit the gear icon in the upper left of the screen next to "Project Overview"
  9. Select project settings in the menu

  10. Select Cloud messaging at the top
  11. You will need both the Sender ID and Server Key from the Project Settings
  12. If you have not used GCM previously, only the Sender ID will be available. In this case you will need to enable the Legacy Cloud Messaging API
    • Click on the 3 dots to the right of this panel
    • Choose Manage API in Google Cloud Console
    • In the newly opened tab, choose to Enable the API
    • Refresh the Project Settings tab
    • Both Sender ID and Server Key should now be visible

  13. Open FileWave Admin Preference and go to the Mobile Tab
  14. Click the Android/Chromebooks tab and click Configure GCM/FCM
  15. Once you type in your FileWave superuser a popup window will ask for a Project Number and Server API key
  16. Paste the "Sender ID" you copied from step 8 into the "Project Number" field
  17. Paste the "Server key" you copied from step 8 into the "Server API key" filed
  18. Hit Save and you're done!