Apple TV and AC2 (Apple Configurator 2)

Apple Configurator 2 (AC2) Apple TV Enrollment:

The following steps will assist you in the enrollment process for Apple TV devices with Apple Configurator 2 into FileWave.
Please note: This guide assumes you have already set up DEP in FileWave, and is not intended as a replacement for the manual.

Before you begin

Before starting this process, make sure you have:

  • A running FileWave server with your HTTPS and APN certificate
    • For HTTPS certificate and APN setup, follow the Quick Start— MDM guides for OS X or Windows, according to which operating system your FileWave Admin is installed on:

  • A Wi-Fi profile
    • This can be created in AC2 by navigating to File → New Profile → Wi-Fi.
    • This can also be accomplished in FileWave. Please refer to sections: 6.2 Desktop Filesets; 6.5 Advanced Editing - Contents, Properties, Settings, and Dependencies; and 8 Modern Device Management, in the FileWave manaual for more information.
  • An OS X 10.11 device with Apple Configurator 2 (AC2) installed
  • Apple TV and a micro USB or USB-C cable (USB-C only used for 4th generation+ Apple TV's)
  • Access to these ports is required for client/FileWave communication as well as communication with Apple:
    • 20443-20445
    • 2195-5223

Apple TV AC2 Enrollment

    1. Copy the URL at the bottom of the Device Enrollment tab in the Enroll iOS Device window in the FileWave Admin: Assistants → Enroll iOS


    1. Still in the Enroll iOS Device window, select the tab labeled Apple TV and download the Enrollment Profile and the Server Certificate Profile.

    2. In AC2 under Preferences, select the Servers tab, and hit the "+" sign at the bottom left of the window.

    3. Enter a name for the new server, and then paste the Enrollment URL that you coped from the "FileWave Enroll iOS" window at the start of this process. After pasting in the URL, upload the Enrollment Profile and the Server Certificate (Trust Certificate) that you downloaded in Step 2. After uploading, be sure to hit Save
      Please note: After saving your server AC2 may attempt to change the Enrollment URL, replacing "device_enrollment_profile" with "dep". After you have saved the server, hit the Edit button, and verify the Enrollment URL. If AC2 has altered it, simply re-paste the Enrollment URL you coped at the beginning of this process.


    1. You are now ready to connect the Apple TV to your Mac with your USB cable
    2. After connecting, AC2 will show your device in the Connect Device pane. Left click the device and hit the Prepare button at the top with the gear icon.

    3. In the Prepare Apple TV Devices window, hit Next.


    4. You will then be taken to the Enroll in MDM Server screen. Use the dropdown menu to select the server you created in Step 4. Once the server is selected, hit Next.


    5. Now in the Choose a Network window, select the Wi-Fi option and upload the profile you made in the "Before you Begin" section of this document. When you are down, hit Next.


  1. Next, in the Language and Diagnostics window, select the language you want to configure your Apple TV with and whether or not you wish to send diagnostic data to Apple. When you are done, hit Prepare.


  2. After you hit Prepare, the configuration will start. If you have already prepared the device, you will be prompted to hit Restore or Stop. You must select Restore to allow AC2 to finish the process as follows:
    1) AC2 will then download, unzip, and install tvOS
    2) During the installation process, you will be prompted to manually reboot the Apple TV device if it is below 4th generation. To do this, simply unplug the mini USB and power cable from the device. Generation 4 Apple TV's will continue on with the rest of the steps with no user interaction.
    3) You will then be prompted to reconnect the Apple TV device. Do this by plugging the power cable back into the device. When the device shows a solid status light, plug the mini USB cable back into the device. 
    4) The process will then continue on to installing the Wi-Fi profile on the device.
    5) The device will then download the activation record for the device. 
    6) tvOS will then activate.
    7) Following tvOS activation, the process will run through language settings, diagnostics, and setting the time for the device. 
    8) You may be prompted to wait a moment while the device completes its initial setup. Following that, the MDM trust profile and MDM enrollment profiles will be installed in the device.

  3. If you do not have auto-enrollment set up in the FileWave (located in the Enrolled Mobile Devices section), go into the Admin to bring the Apple TV into the system.


Congratulations! You have now enrolled an Apple TV with Apple Configurator 2 into FileWave!