Booster ID Generation


In some circumstances, a Booster may appear as missing or multiple boosters may overwrite a single Booster record in the Admin console.  This can occur where each booster is a copy of another booster, e.g. VM source is identical.

Where Booster IDs conflict, it will be necessary to generate a new Booster ID.  


Running the following command through a Booster shell should force a Booster to configure a new Booster ID.

Linux & macOS
1 fwcontrol booster stop && rm -f /etc/xdg/FileWave/Booster.conf && rm -f /var/FWBooster/*.key && rm -f /var/FWBooster/*.crt && fwcontrol booster start


It will then be necessary to 'Enroll Booster(s)' from their contextual menu, even if previously enrolled.