Imaging Appliance - Resize HD

For VMware

The following steps will help you resize the virtual hard drive for the FileWave Imaging Appliance running on VMware.

For IVS version 5 and greater see: Imaging Virtual Appliance 5+ - Extending HD - VMWare

1. Power off the virtual machine. 
2. Edit the virtual machine settings and extend the virtual disk size. 
ivs1 ivs2 ivs3

ivs53. Create a new primary partition: 
a. Run the command: 
fdisk /dev/sda

b. Press n to create a new primary partition. 
c. Press p for primary. 
d. Press 3 for the partition number. 
e. Press Enter two times for default sizes. 
f. Press t to change the system's partition ID. 
g. Press 3 to select the newly creation partition. 
h. Type 8E to change the Hex Code of the partition for 
Linux LVM. 
i. Press w to write the changes to the partition table. 
4. Restart the virtual machine. 


5. Run this command to convert the new partition to a physical volume: 
pvcreate /dev/sda3 

6. Run this command to extend the physical volume: 
vgextend vg_vagrantcentos6 /dev/sda3 

7. Run the following command to extend the Logical Volume: 
lvextend -L+#G /dev/mapper/vg_vagrantcentos6-lv_root 
Where # is the number of Free space in GB available. 
8. Run the following command to expand the ext3 filesystem online, inside of the Logical Volume: 
resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg_vagrantcentos6-lv_root 
9. Run the following command to verify that the / filesystem has the new space available: 
df -h 
All Done!