FileWave Client Configuration Settings

Configuration Settings are found in the Windows registry or macOS plist:

  • macOS: /usr/local/etc/fwcld.plist
  • Windows: HKLM\Software\FileWave\WinClient (native), HKLM\Software\FileWave\WOW6432\WinClient (32bit install on 64bit OS)

Please refer to Superprefs Editor in the Manual and Creating a Superprefs Fileset to find out how to change these settings on any number of clients using a fileset.

The following list shows the default settings in the left row, describes the function and valid alternative settings (native)

Basic/Minimal Configuration
server = "no.server.set"FileWave server IP or DNS
primaryPort = 20015FileWave Server Port
fwPassword = ""Encrypted FileWave Client Password - used for remote configuration using client monitor & "Observe client"
fwUser = my.filewave.client.nameFileWave Client name (visible in FileWave Admin)
Booster configuration
booster1 = "no.booster.set"Booster 1 IP or DNS Address
booster1Port = 20013Booster 1 Port
booster1PublishPort = 20003Booster 1 ZeroMQ Port
booster2 = "no.booster.set"Booster 2 IP or DNS Address
booster2Port = 0Booster 2 Port
booster2PublishPort = 0Booster 2 ZeroMQ Port
booster3 = "no.booster.set"Booster 3 IP or DNS Address
booster3Port = 0Booster 3 Port
booster3PublishPort = 0Booster 3 ZeroMQ Port
booster4 = "no.booster.set"Booster 4 IP or DNS Address
booster4Port = 0Booster 4 Port
booster4PublishPort = 0Booster 4 ZeroMQ Port
booster5 = noboosterBooster 5 IP or DNS Address
booster5Port = 0Booster 5 Port
booster5PublishPort = 0Booster 5 ZeroMQ Port
boosterRouting = 0if set to 1, client connects to server through boosters only ( except for inventory / profile deployment )
connectorProbeAttemptDelay = 3Number of Seconds the client waits between trying to reach boosters
connectorProbeAttempts = 3Number of unsuccessful connections that lead to booster being marked "offline"
Observe Client / ZeroMQ
srvPublishPort = 20005ZeroMQ messaging port
vncManaged = 0Controls whether fwcld internal VNC Server is used or not
vncPromptClient = 1Controls whether end user has to agree to have screen observed
vncRelayPort = 20030Port used to connect towards the filewave server to forward VNC Data
vncServerPort = 20031Local Port VNC Data is relayed to/from (set to 5900 to use builtin VNC service)
Ports the client listens on
monitorPort = 20010Client Monitor connects here, over the network
kioskPort = 20020Kiosk / Reboot Dialog connects here, from localhost
Client behaviour
currentFileWaveClientName = ""TBD
debugLevel = 10Controls fwcld log verbosity; 10(normal),99(debug),101(trace)
fileCheckInterval = 86400Number of seconds between verification cycles (default once every 24 hours after launch)
freeSpaceMargin = 2147483648Minimum Number of free bytes left on disk so filesets can be deployed
niceTime = 0TBD
priority = 2TBD
setUsersFilesOwner = 1TBD
syncComputerName = 0If set to 1, fwcld will query OS to retrieve computer name at startup, and use that as fwUser value
tickleInterval = 120Number of seconds between attempts to contact FileWave Server for new Commands
useSSL = 0Enables SSL for Connections to Server&Booster,leading to all configured port numbers + 1 being used
Location Related
locationRefreshInterval = 0If set to >0, number of seconds between querying the OS for location data
deviceState = 3TBD
denyPersonalDataCollection = 0If set to 1, disables Location Services
Obsolete / Unused keys
testMode = 0
desktopOwner = desktopowner