Note: These steps are valid only if you are running FileWave version 5.5.1 or later. If you are on version 5.5.0 or earlier please read this

APN Certificate Generation

Creating an APN certificate involves creating a CSR, signing it through this portal, and finally submitting it to Apple's website.

Creating the Certificate Signing Request

Open Keychain Access.
Located in: Macintosh HD → Applications → Utilities → Keychain 
Now we need to make a Request.
Keychain Access → Certificate Assistant → Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority...


Enter your email and a common name.
Change  "Request is:" to "Saved to disk" and click Continue
email, common, save

Save your CA request somewhere easy to get at again like the desktop
Save to Desktop

You are done! click here to upload your CA Request for FileWave to sign. You must have an active Filewave account.

After uploading to download the plist file and continue with the steps below.

Uploading to Apple's Portal

Now you need to upload your "signed_csr_1.plist" to Apple Inc. (your file's name can be different)
Go to : and log in with your Apple ID

Click "Create a Certificate" 
cerate cert

Check the box and Accept

Click "Choose File" and...

...browse to your just downloaded "signed_csr_1.plist"
pick upload file

Apple will confirm your file choice. Click Upload.

After a moment the Apple site will return a Confirmation. Click Download.

Combining the APN cert with the private key into a .p12 file

Navigate to your downloaded file, and double-click to open in Keychain Access
open downloaded cert

Click "login" in the upper left and Certificates in the lower left. Find your APSP that was just imported and click the disclosure triangle and select the private key inside. 
open downloaded in in keychain

From the File menu → "Export Items..."

Save this somewhere easy to get to and make sure it's saving it as a Personal Information Exchange (p.12). Click Save.
save to desktop

Leave the password blank.
no pass

Enter your local admin account to give keychain permission to export.
admin pass

Uploading the .p12 into FileWave

Open FileWave Admin, log in to your FileWave server and open the FileWave Admin → Prefrences. 
fw prefs

Go to the Mobile tab. Click "Browse..." next to "APN Certificate/Key:" 

Navigate to the .p12 file that you just exported, and click "Open" 
browse to

"Current Certificate" will change and show that your file was properly uploaded.

That is it. You now are able to send commands to Apples Push Notification Service! Next step is to enroll some iOS devices.