When utilizing FileWave's RESTful API to extract inventory information, you may find the need to limit the values returned, sort the data, or return results that are offset by a certain number of values.


FileWave RESTful API

Limit Values

Syntax required to limit the number of values returned in a query to a value of 25:

curl -s -k -H "Authorization: not_the_real_key_here" https://<your_server_fqdn>:20443/inv/api/v1/query_result/<queryID>?limit=25 | python -mjson.tool

Of course, you can modify the number of values returned to any number that you like. 

Sort Values

You can also sort the results of data returned based on the <column_name> value. For example, to sort the results returned by "device name", ascending: 

curl -s -k -H "Authorization: not_the_real_key_here" https://<your_server_fqdn>:20443/inv/api/v1/query_result/<queryID>?sort=device_name | python -mjson.tool

To do the same sort, but in descending order (note the "-" in front of the column name):

curl -s -k -H "Authorization: not_the_real_key_here" https://<your_server_fqdn>:20443/inv/api/v1/query_result/<queryID>?sort=-device_name | python -mjson.tool

Offset Values

In order to return only a subset of results, offset by some initial number of values returned, you can apply the below syntax:

curl -s -k -H "Authorization: not_the_real_key_here" https://<your_server_fqdn>:20443/inv/api/v1/query_result/<queryID>?offset=300 | python -mjson.tool

The above example will return all values, starting from the 300th value.