Imaging Virtual Appliance 5+ - Extending HD - VMWare


Imaging Appliance - Resize HD

This guide will help you extend the Imaging Virtual Servers (IVS) hard drive space on Imaging version 5 and above for VMware.

For Pre version 5 of the IVS in VMWare see Imaging Virtual Appliance - Extending HD - VMWare

For VMware

The following steps will help you resize the virtual hard drive for the FileWave Imaging Appliance running on VMware.

1. Power off the virtual machine. 
2. Edit the virtual machine settings and extend the virtual disk size. The below screen shots show the view for extending the available space on VMWare. 
ivs1 ivs2 ivs3

3. In FileWave Imaging 5 and above we created a imaging-control command for extending the virtual hard drive size. Power on the IVS and login. 

4. Run the below imaging-control command to increase the hard drive. 

imaging-control increase harddrive 

5. You will be asked "Have you extended the hard drive in the VM settings?". Answer "y". 

6. You will then select "ENTER", and it will restart your IVS with the increased Hard Drive. 

7. After this you are done.