Firmware macOS High Sierra


This Fileset is for mass-deploy Firmware secured passwords for your macOS computers. It is compatible with High Sierra. To use it properly , follow this tutorial. When working on this please test on a handful of devices first before mass deploying to your devices. Please contact FileWave support if you have any issues.  If you need the Fileset for an older OS please see the below Guide. 

Firmware (macOS 10.6 - macOS 10.12)


  • Attached Fileset


  1. Download the Fileset that is in a ZIP file to your Admin Mac. Unpack it there and Drag & Drop it into the Fileset Groupe where you want to have it.

  2. Now you double-click the on the imported Fileset. Open the tree to the end where you see the new Shellscript. Click one time on the File and then Press the button "Get Info"

  3. In the last step you need to click on the pane "Executable". From here you can set with a doubleclick on each argument what action should be taken.

    Attribute 2
    This will determine how the script functions.
    Accepted inputs are as follows:
    initial- This will install the first EFI password on the system. This requires the security mode to be supplied.
    change- This will change the EFI password as long as the correct old password is supplied.
    remove- This will remove the EFI password as long as the correct old password is supplied.

    Attribute 3

    Get the security mode. Required for the "initial" operating mode.
    Acceptable inputs are as follows:
    full- This will require password entry on every boot
    command- This only requires password entry if boot picker is invoked with alt key.

    Attribute 4
    This will be your new firmware password

    Attribute 5
    This will be your old or already set password

  4. (Optional) Once you have pushed out this Fileset the device needs to be rebooted before the firmware password would be set. This can be done by the end user manually, or you can set the Fileset to have a reboot option by right clicking the Fileset, going into properties, then selecting "Requires Reboot"

With the release of macOS 10.13.4 the utility used for setting the Firmware password changed. If your devices are on macOS 10.13.0 thru 10.13.3 you will need to modify line 33 of the script in the attached Fileset to match the line below or upgrade your devices to 10.13.4 or higher before deploying. You would change "Startup Security" to "Boot Security" in the command.