Apple School Manager (ASM) Preparation

In preparation for upgrades to Apple School Manager (ASM), please review the following information.

1. Review Apple’s article Prepare to upgrade to Apple School Manager”.

2. Evaluate your existing VPP accounts.

  • If you have access to the Volume Purchase Program (VPP), but are not enrolled in the Device Enrollment Program, you should sign-up now. To expedite enrollment, use your VPP agent account
  • If you have additional VPP accounts not associated with you Apple Deployment Programs (ADP) organization, follow the directions in “Prepare to upgrade to Apple School Manager” to consolidate your VPP purchasers. This will allow you to easily reset passwords on your existing VPP purchaser accounts. *Please note: consolidation cannot be done after you upgrade to ASM.
  • Install the latest version of iOS and macOS. Managed IDs require at least iOS 9.3 (9.3.2 or later recommended) or macOS 10.11.4.
  • Test and migrate device-based app assignment. Released with iOS 9.0, device-based assignment of apps allows your school to deploy and update apps over-the-air without requiring Apple IDs on devices.
  • iOS Deployment
  • macOS Deployment
  • ASM