Microsoft have provided their list of supported Windows 11 requirements:

Including links to subcategories, for example processor compliance:

The variety of machines that could be either complaint or non-compliant is vast.  The recipe here allows for a scripted method to confirm the status of compliance and is based upon Microsoft's Readiness PowerShell script, details of which are highlighted in the following documentation:

Two of the methods provided are edited versions of the original supplied Microsoft script.  One is a straight forward Custom Field, whilst the other uses a more advanced method to achieve the same result.  The script for both methods will provide an output of Pass or Fail in the Custom Field value.  Please choose as desired.

Custom Field values may be added to the Client View:


The Custom Field for the Simplified and Advanced methods actually provides 3 possible values:

  • NA – Default value
  • Fail — One or more items failed the check
  • Pass – All items passed the check and the device is ready for Windows 11


These options are by no means the only options available.  The script could be used within an Upgrade Fileset for Windows 11, for example, and the script may run prior to confirm if the device satisfies the requirements.  However, requirement scripts should only be used where they will eventually become true, to prevent them from running forever and being a constant draw on the server.